Working Groups and Projects

The PSIM Committee has the following Working Groups and Project responsibilities:

  • Optical Current and Voltage Sensing Systems Working Group, Chair: Farnoosh Rahmatian
    IEEE Trial-Use Standard for Optical AC Current and Voltage Sensing Systems (PE/PSIM/1601)
  • High Voltage Low Power Factor Power Measurements Chair: Eddy So
    Guide for Power Measurements Under Low Power Factor Conditions (PE/PSIM/HVLPFPM/P1715)
  • HV Test Techniques Working Group Chair: William Larzelere
    IEEE Standard for Digital Recorders for Measurements in High-Voltage Impulse Tests (PE/PSIM/HVTT/1122)
    Standard for High-Voltage Testing Techniques (PE/PSIM/HVTT/P4)
    Standard for IEEE Amendment to High Voltage Test Techniques (PE/PSIM/HVTT/4a)
  • WG on Nonsinusoidal Situations: Effects on Meter Performance and Definitions of Power, Chair: Alexander Emanuel
    IEEE Standard Definitions for the Measurement of Electric Power Quantities Under Sinusoidal, Nonsinusoidal, Balanced, or Unbalanced Conditions (PE/PSIM/Nonsinus/1459)

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