Standard for High-Voltage Testing Techniques


Type: Revision to IEEE Standard 4-1995
Number: P4
Status: PAR for a Revision to an existing IEEE Standard
Title: Standard for High-Voltage Testing Techniques

Working Group

HV Test Techniques Working Group (PE/PSIM/HVTT)
Chair: William Larzelere


This standard is applicable to
- Dielectric tests with direct voltages
- Dielectric tests with alternating voltages
- Dielectric tests with impulse voltages
- Tests with impulse currents
- Tests with combinations of the above
- Capacitance and dielectric loss measurements
This standard is applicable only to tests on equipment with a rated voltage above 1000 V.
Procedures are given for applying correction factors to convert test data to standard atmospheric conditions.
This standard also specifies procedures for testing equipment when external insulation of the test object is to be subjected to dry, wet, or contaminated conditions.

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